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  • Voice of a Leader

    Confident. Credible. Impactful.

    Voice of a Leader

    Whether presenting in the boardroom, selling new ideas to stakeholders, delivering at conferences or communicating change, leaders must inform, inspire and influence.


    Our Voice of a Leader programme offers you individual one-to-one coaching to develop your authentic, signature speaking style. You will:

    • Adopt the behaviours of master presenters
    • Learn the craft of structuring and scripting key messages
    • Practise the art of storytelling
    • Understand how to use language to achieve improved results
    • Use non-verbal communication to maximise impact
    • Discover the inner game of speaking 


  • Other speaking programmes

    This is a snapshot of some of our speaking programmes - all of our coaching and training can be tailor made for you

    Present with confidence

    Find your voice: present with confidence

    Dissolve your fears and speak clear

    Presenting and speaking to groups is part of most people's working life. An effective speaker needs confidence, knowledge and skill to convey the key message.  


    In this one-day small group introductory presentation skills programme you will learn how to manage your nerves, use your voice, engage with an audience and convey your message effectively.

    Maximise personal impact

    Maximise your personal impact

    Engage, inspire and motivate

    Maximise your presence, credibility and impact. Find your voice, learn the secrets of master communicators and deepen your confidence. Extend your ability to connect with others, build your flexibility and improve your influence.


    An advanced, small group, two-day public speaking and presentation skills programme includes tools, techniques and approaches to become confident, impactful and authoritative speakers.


    Storytelling for success

    Facts tell. Stories sell.

    The human brain is wired to be receptive to stories. Stories engage, bring ideas alive and communicate messages in a way that people connect with. Stories add power to your presentations and supercharge your impact.


    This small group one-day programme focuses on how to create, source and structure a compelling story with which to convey your all-important message, how to weave that into your presentation and how to deliver it confidently so the message is heard and embraced.

    Voice coaching

    Voice Gym

    Step up, speak clear, stand out

    Your voice matters. Using your voice to persuade, to compel and to motivate will dramatically improve the results you get when you are speaking, one-to-one and one-to-many.


    Our focussed voice coaching takes place one-to-one or in small group sessions. You will learn how to connect your voice to your mind and body. You'll explore physiology, posture, breathing and techniques for extending the range and variability of your speaking voice.

    Advance speaking and presenting

    Become a master speaker

    Speak with power, persuade with ease

    Senior leaders need to convey memorable messages, inspire, influence, engage and confront. Being an authentic, charismatic speaker and a great communicator is the key to achieving big goals through others.


    The ultimate fast-track speaker development programme is for leaders and aspiring leaders needing to influence a wide range of stakeholder groups is a five-day modular programme run over a five-month period. Develop exceptional communication skills to inform, inspire and influence with confidence, clarity and charisma to achieve maximum impact.

  • Additional services

    We also offer our expertise and specialist trainings in the preparation of content and messages

    • PowerPoint or PowerPointless? ​Learn how to use PowerPoint and other visual aids to enhance your presentations
    • Speech writing.  Discover how to craft and structure a speech, add fluency, stories and influencing language
    • Preparing a keynote.  Experience tailored input for a specific event you are preparing to present at
    • Debating skills. Learn how to maintain composure, articulate premises and project conviction in a debating environment
    • Media and meeting skills. How to handle Q & A calmly and confidently
  • About

    Glen Savage Speaking Coach

    Glen Savage

    Lead Public Speaking Coach

    Glen's passion is to facilitate people to find their voice to influence, inspire or persuade, or just to be heard. He combines his 20+ years of training and people development experience with his skills and expertise in public speaking to develop confident and effective speakers.

    Glen is qualified as a coach, a public speaking teacher and a voice coach; he is an NLP Master Practitioner.

    A multi-award winning public speaker, Glen is in demand as a conference and event speaker and MC.

  • In the press

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    by Glen Savage 2 June 2017

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    Is public speaking fear limiting your career?

    by Tim Smedley  22 March 2017

    Glen Savage is about to go on stage wearing wings and a halo. He’s terrified. The year is 1961....read more

    How to build trust with an audience when making a presentation

    by Glen Savage 13 March 2017

    As HR and training professionals, do you want to engage, entice and persuade an audience or....read more

    Pharmacist turned leadership Coach pays it forward

    by Mariam Jehangir August 2017

    Glen Savage, ACS, ALB, didn’t set out to find a career in public

    speaking and leadership coaching....read more

  • How we work


    We're not just another training company. We partner with you to help you achieve exceptional results, often in complex and challenging circumstances. We coach and support individuals to become the best speakers they can be to achieve their communications goals. We help you develop your skills and offer support to structure specific presentations and speeches. We can speak at your events or help you to do so.

    Confidentiality & trust

    Most of our work is done one-to one or in very small groups to maintain confidentiality. We work hard to build trust and a safe environment in which individuals may explore their skill gaps and develop their own unique and personal style of speaking.

    Targeted development

    When it comes to speaking one-size does not fit all. We are committed to develop the exact strengths needed by any one individual. In particular we work with the experienced and competent speaker to develop even more advanced and impactful speaking skills.

  • Hire a speaker

    Multiple award-winning speaker Glen Savage is an experienced keynote speaker, MC and facilitator of conferences and events. If you need some motivational input, an expert speech or some entertainment get in touch.

  • What clients say

    A selection of recent testimonials

    Glen Savage was so well received at our annual Pharmacy Guild of Australia conference, we procured him for the following year as well!. His content and presentation is spot on and provides essential strategies that can be implemented in businesses large and small. A terrific presenter and we recommend Glen highly!

    Kos Sclavos, Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference Chairman. Immediate Past National President Pharmacy Guild of Australia

    I had an important message and I wanted to make an impact. Glen’s ‘Voice of a Leader’ programme transformed how I speak and present. With his combination of 1:1 coaching and presentation strategies I delivered my first conference talk. The amazing crowd response inspired me to go further and Glen coached me all the way to a talk on the TEDx stage. Glen supported me to craft the content, structure and delivery of my talk and was available when I needed his help. ‘Voice of a leader’… it’s too important not to discover it.

    Dr Dimple Devadas - Doctor, Psychology coach, Global head of strategy WWA

    Glen has a very natural and easy style which makes participants on courses feel completely at ease. He has an amazing ability to give difficult feedback in such a way that people walk away feeling good about themselves even when they have not achieved what they expected. A rare skill. He is an exceptional facilitator and an incredibly entertaining speaker. If you have the chance to be coached or trained or by Glen I strongly recommend that you take full advantage of a fantastic opportunity.

    Simon Maryan, The Mind-Body Coach, Mentalist, Author and Speaker ​

    After accepting an invitation to give a 40-minute speech at the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments annual conference, my nerves started to kick in and I contacted Glen! His personal coaching, with his logical approach to planning, his astute, perceptive insights into the finer points of public speaking and his calm reassurance all resulted in me delivering a speech of which I could be proud.

    Christopher Hirsch, Managing Partner, Holland Hahn & Wills LLP

    Glen’s leadership workshop for Toastmaster leaders was truly a treat! He engaged us with practical applications of skills, all underpinned by good theoretical foundations. Hiis adroitly conveyed core message of adaptability as a leader came through loud and clear. The audience loved it. A strongly recommended addition to any conference!

    Florian Bay - Toastmasters Div. B (W. London) Director

    Glen is a dynamic and polished public-speaker who brings a fresh and vibrant approach to whatever topic he chooses to speak on, connecting with, stimulating and entertaining his audiences. He is an assured MC, ensuring that other speakers are given a reassuring, calm platform. Whenever he is on his feet to speak, his audiences are engaged.

    Jill Segal -

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    Did you know that you have only seven seconds in which to engage your audience and up to 30 seconds before they decide whether to keep listening to you.*  So if you want your message heard you must start strong. Have you ever started your presentation with a script that runs something like: ‘Good...
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