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Grabbing the audience's attention

You have only seven seconds to engage people

Did you know that you have only seven seconds in which to engage your audience and up to 30 seconds before they decide whether to keep listening to you.*  So if you want your message heard you must start strong.

Have you ever started your presentation with a script that runs something like:

‘Good morning. Thanks for coming. Sorry we are starting a bit late due to the traffic which delayed some people. Can everyone hear me?’ Etc. etc.

A nice, warm start – but not attention grabbing. Before you know it half the room are engrossed in one of numerous attractions offered by their smartphones. You’ve lost them.

Instead, consider opening with a question. Something to make people sit up and  think. Something that will spark their curiosity and interest in what is to come.  Simple questions such as:

  • Did you know…?
  • Why do you think that …(quote a fact)?
  • What would be the one really useful thing that you could take away from this meeting today?
  • Have you considered that…(something provocative or controversial)?

If you’d like to know more about increasing your influence or improving your presentation skills please get in touch.

* Craig Valentine, Motivational Speaker.

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